1. Best are colorful Roman shades and light colored blinds. Springtime is about letting in cool breezes and refreshing views. This will make the space feel instantly inviting and renewed for spring!

roman blinds from Rimini Blinds

roman blinds from Rimini Blinds

2- Replace your curtain with Shutters or Blinds. Especially if you have gorgeous villas, thus, white plantation shutters, vertical or even light wood blinds will be perfect!

3. Consider layers of color, texture and pattern to cover  your windows. If  the problem is bright sunlight, or reflective water views, you may add-up some sheers. Curtains that span from the ceiling to the floor will elongate your walls and make the room appear larger. Layering decorative window coverings over lighter fabrics will help keep out cooler air, while still bringing in sunny views.

Linus - Curtains

Linus – Curtains

4– Colors, fabrics and textures are important factors that give your home a lift of light and airiness for a renewed spring home.

Grove - Curtains

Grove – Curtains

Camara - Curtains

Camara – Curtains