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Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Stylish and practical, our range of Aluminium venetian blinds comprises of over 120 options of fashionable colours in the most popular sizes.

Homeowners looking for gorgeous and long-lasting window blinds should take Aluminium Venetian Blinds into consideration; these blinds are made up of overlapping and fully adaptable horizontal slats and are functioned with the use of a rod that adjusts the slats to the chosen position. Of all the blinds to choose from, Aluminium blinds have to be the safest choice. Available in slat width of 25mm and in a large range on solid, metallic and perforated colours.

Durable and convenient :

These blinds are designed to be light yet durable, attractive, environmental, easy to clean and economical. Rimini’s Aluminium Venetian Blinds are an expert at controlling light and their ultra-modern design delivers a sleek uncluttered easy to use convenience.
Not just personal living space, these blinds are so simple and elegant, that the clean lines of aluminium blinds would accentuate any home or office decor.

With blinds you have such easy access and control of your window dressing. Effective and simple to use strings and rotator handles are used to control light and privacy. One of the key advantages of our Venetians is that they are absolutely moisture-proof, which also makes them a perfect choice for wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Increase the energy efficiency of your home

The perks of installing Aluminium Venetian are unlimited, these blinds are extremely reflective making your home or office more energy efficient. Acting as a layer over windows, they keep the cold out in the chilly weather and guard against the heat in summer.

Cost effective:

These are the most cost effective blinds which means that you will be able to get the most bang for your money. Affordable and stylish, sleek and modern.

Our Sales Advisors allows you to pick your style and colour. If you have an oddly shaped window, don’t stress! Rimini Blinds will customize what you want according to your exact specifications.

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