Vertex Blinds

Vertex blinds are the latest addition to our range, combining the luxurious look of curtains but operate with the versatility of vertical blinds. Vertex is ideally suited for large window spaces and bi-folding doors.

 Each fabric louvre softly folds to create a uniform appearance and because each louvre hangs independently you can walk through the blind to your outdoor area, without disturbing the ambience in your room.

The collection design has been hand picked to suit the very latest colour trends, and provides full privacy when closed. Light is able to filter through by using the wand tilt option, at the same time making this product completely child safe.

New Perla Collection

From the soothing tones of ‘Perla Cream’ to the vibrant richness of ‘Perla Citron’, each colour in the Perla Collection has been carefully curated to reflect sophistication in its purest form. The colours also vary to other collections in our range to ensure we have something for everyone.

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