blinds child safety

Children have an unbridled sense of adventure that can get them into the odd scrape‚ even in the most unexpected situation. So it’s important to make your home as safe as possible – without spoiling their fun.

When it comes to window dressings and in particular blinds that have looped control chains and cords‚ it’s important to be aware of the potential risk that exists to very young children. A new European standard means that child–safety devices must be fitted with this type of blind.

Child safety has always been a priority for us and we’ve been supplying child–safety devices on request with certain window dressings for quite some time‚ but these will now be sent with every order.

Not all window dressings have looped controls. At Rimini Blinds we provide a beautiful selection of curtains‚ blinds and shutters that are fitted with child safety apparatus.

You’ll find plenty of advice right here to help you make the right choice for your windows‚ so they look great and are safe too.

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If you have children or regular young visitors‚ then it could be worthwhile choosing from our selection of control cord and chain–free window dressings.

These include blinds‚ shutters and curtains and come in a wonderful range of styles that are sure to suit any room in the home.

Blinds: Control cord–free Pleated and Venetian blinds in Perfect Fit frames and Tab Pleated blinds are moved up or down with a handy thumb tab. Alternatively‚ our luxury Roller blinds work via a spring mechanism.