Blackout Blinds

Don’t we all love long summer evenings with more natural light? But there is a shortcoming to it too! Our sleep gets disturbed and this very experience can cause us a mess in our routine due to the unwanted sunlight filtering through our windows.

Rimini Blinds has got the perfect solution for you!

Our Blackout Blinds are very popular for their unique feature of controlling the amount of light entering the room and style they add to the character of the interior.

The benefits of Rimini’s Blackout blinds don’t just end at room darkening, there are so many other benefits and variety that comes along with the package.
Perhaps the most prominent advantage of installing blackout blinds in the windows of your bedroom, living room or any other living space would be protected from unwanted heat inside your home due to the sunlight because we all know what Dubai summer can do to all of us.

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Too much scientific information? Let’s move forward to more practical benefits offered by our gorgeous blackout blinds.

Are you a parent with small children? We completely understand how our rest only persists as long as our children are asleep, especially with small babies and infants with sensitive sleep schedule and will wake at the very first light. Which is exactly why you need to invest in our blackout blinds because this window styling option will not only help your children sleep well during the summer, but will also allow you to run errands while they are asleep. Talk about functionality benefits!

Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds?

Window dressings at Rimini are a blend of practicality and style. Our Black out feature is available in various window blinds and our chart-topping are Roman blinds and Roller Blinds. Rimini offers an extensive variety of fabrics when it comes to Blackout blinds to complement your existing home décor in your bedroom, living room, kids’ room etc.

When it comes to fabric, our Blackout Roman or Roller blinds are often made of thicker material which not only inhibits any light from outside entering inside, but also ensures privacy by preventing any light from inside filtering outside.

Our black out blinds also go well with our black out curtains for that innovative window dressing to add that extra flair to your interior. Here at Rimini, every window dressing inclusive of Black out blinds are custom made to fit each window flawlessly guaranteeing you a professional service, finish and well-dressed windows.

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