Translucent Blinds

We often encounter customers who want to maintain privacy inside their living space, but also want to let allow the windows to the light in. What a unique combination!

Rimini has got the perfect win-win window dressing option for you people! With our translucent blinds you can enjoy your privacy and let those prying neighbours out whilst having all the more pleasure of light filtering beautifully into your bedroom, living room etc. Well, what can we say our translucent blinds blend perfectly with any interior and therefore can be installed in any room.

Our exclusive range of translucent blind is very different from blackout and sunscreen blinds, but still include their specific features. We’ve taken the privacy ensuring ability from blackout blinds and light filtering ability from sunscreen blinds to make this incredibly innovative window treatment option for customers with unique style sense and functional requirements.

The fabric used to manufacture translucent blinds is of premium quality and unlike black out the material of the fabric is thin enough to let the light filter in attractively.

As all the window dressing options at Rimini blends functionality with style so do our translucent blinds. Rimini’s light filtering blinds are most popular because of their aesthetic appeal that not only complements an existing interior décor but also adds a character to the window making it a focal point.

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Let’s talk about variety! At Rimini window styling is never complete without colour, texture and pattern options and guess what we can even customize the blinds with the design of your choice.

The translucent effect can be created in various window styling options, this means if you are a fan of roller, roman, panel and vertical blinds we can design a blind for you with any of the aforementioned styles with the light filtering feature.

Moreover, home décor is always an investment an individual makes into their home, whether it is furniture shopping or window blinds shopping and the most important thing that matters is that anything you purchase should be good value for your money.
Apart from being aesthetically appealing and extremely functional, Rimini’s translucent blinds are manufactured with absolute proficiency which ensures its durability making it completely worth your while.

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