Sunscreen Blinds

Rethink your existing window treatment before the sun rises high and those skin scorching rays start knocking on your windows. Don’t we all like looking at the windows just to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset, but it’s extremely difficult to do that when you’re living in Dubai and the reason is obvious.

Rimini has got the perfect solution for you!

Rimini has solved your window glare and heat problem with the ever stunning range of Sunscreen Blinds! Now you must be wondering what do these Sunscreen blinds actually do, well, it’s all there in the name.

Our sunscreen roller blinds are extremely practical when it comes to letting you enjoy the view from your window without squinting your eyes. Who doesn’t love to brighten their home with the natural sunlight, but with the weather we have these days we really need to incorporate a functional window dressing to satisfy our natural light cravings.

Sunscreen Blinds in Rimini are manufactured with a high quality PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) fabric light enough to allow natural light filtering without compromising the temperature, but thick enough to prevent UV rays from entering inside your living space.
Let us help you discover the how our sunscreen blinds actually work and for that we need to discuss the concept of openness in the blinds. Our sunscreen window treatment is designed to be extremely reflective and they come with different levels of openness to accommodate your requirement.

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With our experience with different customers it has come to our knowledge that each person requires different level of openness which is based on the quality of view they want from their windows through the sunscreen blind. As Rimini goes by the rule of made-to-measure products, we customize the openness level of the blinds for each individual.

Rimini’s Sunscreen Blinds are designed with an open weave fabric which supports the openness feature of this window treatment. We have two levels of openness available 3% and 5%. We usually recommend 5% openness to our customers looking for sunscreen blinds because at this level the checkered pattern infiltrates the natural light and lets you enjoy the view blocking out the harmful rays of sunlight.

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