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Roman Blinds

Create a stunning focal point in any room with a Roman Blind.

Rimini- Roman Blinds -Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea of mixing window covering styles, but roman blinds can coordinate with curtains, especially when the fabric is the same which is why they are usually called the hybrid of a curtain and a blind.

Roman Blinds at Rimini are manufactured to deliver absolute flexibility, practicality and style.

Roman blinds offer a classy and hands-on alternative that warm up windows while providing privacy and protection from the sun since it is made from a whole piece of fabric. With the sheer breath of variety and options we have, you can style your windows in each room depending on your interior.

Some window options tend to create bulk around the living space, unlike Roman Blinds. It creates a clean, modern and unfussy look that coordinates well with several styles, from modern loft to frilly traditional, especially when embellished or paired with drapes for additional privacy and decoration. Whether they’re pulled up or down, their uniform and smooth appearance give the windows a more modernized look.

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