The best coloured binds of 2021

The best of coloured faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are a great way to bring cool and chic things home while celebrating the blessings of nature. The best choice of the year is the White faux wood blinds. Named after their name, the faux wood blinds embody the style and sophistication of the city, providing an excellent way to control the flow of light and air entering the house. Nothing is better than enjoying a nice warm day and finding the perfect airflow through the very attractive blinds. This best-selling white colour is perfect for a variety of decorations and themes and blends well with almost any colour palette. Very versatile, to say the least. The shades of grey and natural wood tones were also a popular choice from the selection of faux wood blinds. These equally flexible colours indicate that these blinds are ideal as part of a one-off upgrade or major refurbishment. For more information browse our faux wood blinds collection.


The top coloured vertical blinds of 2021

Touched by Plain white is the best performer among the various eye-catching vertical blinds. Again, these plain white blinds are popular in homes and offices across the country. Available at a very competitive price, these blinds, like all contemporary products on our website, are manufactured to exact specifications at our factory here in UAE. Like our top wooden blinds, these vertical blinds work well in a variety of styles, from living room spaces to office spaces. Vertical blinds with easily replaceable slats are ideal for busy environments, from the living room to the kitchen and conference rooms. 

The best coloured roller blinds of 2021

Roller blinds have been popular with many stylish decorators for decades. This year’s top pick is white roller blinds touched by Blackout. Roller blinds are a simple and effective way to enhance your home. It’s not surprising that the blackout blinds won this praise, as bright days and lots of streetlights illuminate the dark hours. The blue shade may have missed the top spot this year, but its popularity has grown significantly.
The Blackout Blinds are great for bedrooms and improving sleep, but they can also be used effectively in the living room and home theatre room. After all, if you want to comfortably enjoy the big screen at home, you want it to be as dark as possible.

The best coloured roman blinds

At this point, you may be expecting white to be listed as the 2021 top pick for Roman blinds but this year the award goes to grey roman blindsGrey is a really attractive warming grey tone and this is important when selecting your coloured blinds choice. Over the past few years, grey has become an increasingly popular colour because of its versatility and inherent aesthetics. Grey doesn’t just match well with other tones, it can enhance them and alter our perception of them. Take pink, for example, this tone in isolation may seem overly bright or rich but when incorporated into your décor alongside a grey, it becomes more muted and softly integrates with the overall effect. 

 Thus, when choosing a window display, shades of grey should be a serious candidate. Here is a hint. Instead of viewing the item in the sun, view it as part of a larger image. If you use grey well, you can access various possibilities and make the spot colour shine.

The key takeaways for coloured blinds

 White and grey are popular choices for colour blinds because of their chic and cool style and the ability to perfectly match countless schools of interior design. White and grey provide the perfect foundation for building your design. The top picks above are popular, but if you don’t need them, you don’t necessarily have to follow the trend. 

Colour blinds continue to be a big hit, and the reason is clear. We have a wide range of products in different colours and tones for you to enjoy on our website. We also offer up to 8 free samples to facilitate your selection. Contact our advisors who are always willing to help for more information.