Our handy guide will guide you:

  • Standard types of blinds and their benefits
  • Blinds, fabrics and covers specialists
  • Measure and install blinds
  • How to choose the right blinds
    Before considering all the different options first, make for which room you need new blinds or curtains and what you require. For example, some people want total blackout blinds but some people want translucent fabric. Knowing exactly what you need from the blinds makes it easier to find the right one.

Roller blinds at a glance:

  • Stylish colour, print and pattern selection
  • Total blackout and moisture-resistant fabric
  • Fits different window sizes
  • Remote control for easy operation

roller blinds
Roller blinds are versatile, budget-friendly and stylish. Roller blinds with a choice of special fabrics such as shading and moisture-proof options are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Roller blinds can be attached to a perfect fit frame to achieve a total blackout solution. Motorised control is also available for ease of use.

Roman blinds at a glance:

  • A clean and streamlined alternative to curtains 
  • The fabric is sewn onto the slats and attached with cords, to create folds in the fabric 
  • Operate with a cord or chain  to attach the control to the child safety clamp 
  • Blackout lining on fabric provides a complete privacy
  • Remote control for easy operation 

Roman blinds are made from the same fabric as curtains and have a luxurious finish that makes them ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. If space around the window is limited, or if you want a more rational look, choose Roman blinds instead of curtains. 

 All  Roman blinds are fully lined by default but can be upgraded to a blackout lining.

Vertical blinds at a glance:

Individual fabric louvres that can be tilted to gently filter the light 

  •  Suitable for curved  sloping windows 
  •  Versatile and economical choice for very wide windows and glass doors 
  • Range of fabrics available which can suit any room decor
  •  Ideal for privacy and flexible light control

 Vertical blinds consist of individual fabric slats that are held together by chains or weights. The slats can be tilted to capture light while maintaining privacy, or they can be laid flat to block the sun rays. If you need a clear view, it will also be pulled sideways. Vertical blinds are suitable for sloping windows and curved windows and can be used with a variety of high performance fabrics such as light-shielding fabrics. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for large windows, making it ideal for sliding glass doors and patio doors.

Venetian blinds at a glance:

Louvres are available in different widths to fit different window sizes 

  •  The metal finish helps improve lighting conditions 
  •  Choose  flexible lighting control and privacy 
  •  A luxurious matte, glossy metallic finish for a contemporary look 
  •  Aluminium Venetian blinds consist of horizontal metal slats held together by cords. 

Duplex blinds

Duplex blinds benefits

Day & Night Roller blinds offer the best of both worlds when it comes to privacy and light control. Essentially this is a layered Roller blind, where overlapping sheer and opaque panels can be adjusted to mimic the look of open or closed slats. The overall look is softer than a Venetian blind and these blinds have the added benefit of optional motorisation. Day & Night Roller blinds are especially good for contemporary interiors and wide windows that require daytime privacy.

  • Flexible light control, transparent and opaque options in a single shade 
  • Remote control option 
  • Ideal for daytime privacy and flexible light control 
  •  The best solution for wide windows 

 Duplex Blinds offer the best of both worlds in terms of privacy and lighting control. Basically, this is a multi-layer blind, where you can adjust the overlapping transparent and opaque panels  to mimic the appearance of open or closed slats. The overall look is softer than the other blinds, and these blinds have the added benefit of optional motorisation. Day and night blinds are especially suitable for modern interiors and wide windows that require privacy during the day.