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Celebrating Blindtex’s 1st Store

Due to the success of Blindtex’s Galleria concept, we decided to open one ourselves…

Already into the third month of trading, the store’s operations are in full swing. Choosing the perfect location took careful planning and research, but the decision to open in the heart of Dubai is now paying off. Featuring our modular display units and unique branding, the store has already exceeded expectations.

Director Martin Cairns says, “We wanted to prove we could deliver results as we were already telling our customers how our store concept will increase their sales”.

The Blindtex Galleria concepts are already proving to be a great success. Based on our retail background experience, we have been able to create fantastic point of sales stands and pattern book collections with the aid of strong branding. This has allowed our customers to receive a great return on their investment.

Our new retail outlet has allowed interested retailers to see a company own branded store for themselves. They can really grasp the concept in an environment where it actually belongs; that’s in a retail space actually doing what it’s supposed to do, getting sales.