The best living room curtains ideas

We love our living rooms and we love our curtains. Fortunately, both are fine, but that does not mean that all curtains go with every living room design. Today we are going to see how to get the most out of your curtains and make the most of your living room. If you are looking for ideas for living room curtains, read on.

What kinds of curtains are best for the living room?

This is a very common question and easy to answer if you follow a few simple steps. You must first define the theme of your living room.

There are a lot of interior design trends, many of which benefit from a well-made curtain. For example, a maximalist living room would be enriched with a colourful, patterned curtain, while a minimalist bedroom could be enhanced with a strikingly bright monochromatic curtain. The curtains are also available in a variety of materials. At this point, it is also important to consider the overall theme of the room. A nomadic-inspired interior could be enhanced with a lightweight material such as linen or silk. Voile curtains are another great and more modern option, especially if your living room opens directly onto your garden. However, if you want to recreate a traditional Arab decor,  look for lighter or moderate-heavy fabrics like sheer and velvet.  Making your final choice may seem intimidating, but don’t worry, there is plenty of help available. Book a free in-home appointment with our curtains advisors. They can help you to choose the best fabric and style.


What are the current trends in curtains for your living room?

As with anything carefully designed, like furniture, clothing, and even food, trends emerge and become popular. 

 If you want your home to embody the “contemporary”, and use your curtains as an important vehicle for this, you should consider four trends in 2021:

Ariana Biscuit design is based on neutral and natural colours along with textured materials. Curtains are a great way to incorporate these elements into a room, especially with a dark wood curtain rod. Book an appointment to learn more about Ariana biscuit curtains fabric.



Calico Cinnamon interior design is a celebration and fusion of international cultures, countries and customs. It reflects the coming together of different shapes, patterns, colours and fabrics in a way that our common global community welcomes. A thick, brownish curtain with a nice texture is a great addition to any interior of the living room.



Ribbon Dijon is another trend that is gaining popularity. Mustard and slate grey ribbon patterns are great starting positions and all look amazing on a curtain. This ribbon dijon fabric is perfect for light colour interior rooms because it is adding a burst of colours in terms of mustard and slate grey, our advisors have more valuable information about this fabric book online appointment today and get with our advisors.


How to customise curtains?

There is a wide range of curtains in different colours, materials, and patterns. But do not forget that we have a lot of options available for curtains. Living rooms serve multiple purposes, and luckily most curtains have a lot of customization. The two most popular options are blackout lining and sheer. 

 Whether your living room is cool in winter or hot in summer, blackout lined curtains keep you warm indoors in colder months and outside during heat waves. This increases comfort, reduces costs and protects the environment. 

 If you like to use your living room as a home theatre or makeshift guest bedroom, blackout curtains will help block out the light so you can enjoy the small screen or get the best possible night’s sleep.