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Use light for interior design

Without light, it doesn’t matter how we decorate the space. But so it brightens our home and shows the time, thoughts and creativity we have devoted to them. 

 Difference between natural light and artificial light 

 Light can basically be divided into two categories of interior design-natural and artificial. Natural light shines through the windows from the sun, and artificial light can instantly fall into the room at the push of a button, but how can you get the most out of both? Now, this blog should contain all the information and tips you need. 

 Various styles of statement lighting 

 Whether you live in a grey or more sunny area of ​​the world, you cannot always rely on the sun on to illuminate your space. Therefore, artificial light still plays an important role in our daily life. Eye-catching lighting is a fun and stylish way to add excitement to your space, especially as the UAE gets darker and greyer.

sheer curtains

Artificial lighting 

Artificial lighting may be useful, but it’s not just about lighting, it’s also a great way to enhance the beauty of your space. Over the years, we have evolved from simple candles to complex lamps and ceiling lights that are useful for reading, cooking, studying, and living.

The best way to add meaningful lighting to your home 

Statement lighting can be mistaken for top or flashy. Statement lighting is about creating something that adds to the overall theme of the house or creates interesting contrast points. For example, if the space is targeted at a chic monochrome colour palette, the charcoal grey or dark walls work as a vibrant colour alternative to a more colourful design theme. As the popularity of coloured walls grows, patterned lampshades with fun or traditional patterns in a variety of juicy tones add an interesting depth to the decoration and add a bit of excitement. 


Statement window cover to enhance lighting 

 Natural light – Privacy and light

sheer curtains

 Interior design often requires an absolute compromise between light and privacy. Taking the curtain as an example, to enjoy the light, you need to open the curtain and sacrifice most, if not all, of your privacy. Similarly, if you need privacy, you have to compromise on the amount of natural light you can enjoy. Not all window treatments work this way, but some allow light to enter the space without opening it to the outside world.

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Enjoy the light in the Day & Night Blinds / Duplex Blinds

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 One of the best examples of harmony between light and privacy is the day and night blinds. These chic window fixtures, also known as “zebra blinds,” alternate strips of fabric that slide against each other, with colour blocks (for complete closure and privacy) and an outer filter that softens the light. You can switch between strips to soften the view from. Enjoy sophisticated design and excellent functionality in a variety of elegant colours. 

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Vertex Blinds illuminate the space

Vertex blinds provide an excellent solution for enjoying natural light. By combining a soft and transparent sheer fabric, you can create a delicate texture effect and enjoy the outside scenery while taking in natural light elegantly. Vertex blinds are innovative and functional too. With a simple twist of the wand, the two fabrics come together, balancing your need to provide your home with airy light or complete privacy and security. 

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 Wonderful wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are a classic choice for users looking to enjoy light and privacy. With almost any other window furnishing you have to block all the light to keep prying eyes out of your home. With wood Venetian blinds, however, you can angle and position the slats while still allowing light to filter in from outside. Moreover, to ensure we protect the environment, the woods we use to craft our wooden blinds are sourced from responsibly managed forests.

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